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Established:June 1997
Author:All content written, coded, illustrated, maintained and posted by Bill Edwards
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Bill Edwards' Bibliography and Reference Sources
Throughout this site are many facts about ragtime composers, performers, publishers, pieces, events, etc. Given the format of the web I have chosen to not put marked citations for sources of many facts because it would create a heavy quantity of hyper links, or make formatted text difficult to read due to all the footnote citations. Also, some of the same facts come from multiple sources, and much of this is also original discovery from non-authored references indigenous to the ragtime era. So in an effort to be inclusive and not ignore many of these useful sources and their authors, I have assembled this global bibliography and reference of sources.
Wherever possible I have linked the name of the source to either that source or something that references it, sometimes through a link at Amazon or a similar on-line vendor. You can also look up many of these items at your local library, or through library exchange programs. Also echoed here are many on-line music archives which are further used as reference sources since they are useful for repertoire and copyright dates, sometimes with useful textual hints on a composer as well. If you have any further questions on any of these, please click on my head in the top frame and email me.
Thank You,   perfessor bill

Reference Sources In and Out of Print (OOP)
All My Best Friends (OOP)
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They All Played Ragtime (OOP)
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They Were Ragtime (OOP)
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Tom Turpin - His Life and Music
Gene Jones - ©1995, Tom Turpin Ragtime Festival, Savannah, GA.
Additional On-line Research Sources
Census records, directories, government sources. Paid membership required.
The Scholarly Journal Archive
Source of many books not available elsewhere. Membership required or access is available from most libraries.
Google Book Search
Partial or complete text of many good reference sources. Also has on-line library links to aid in finding a book copy.
On-line encyclopedia. Information can be contributed by anybody, so check sources carefully.
Ragtime Compendium
Comprehensive listing of known rags, rag songs, cakewalks, etc. with composers, years, publishers and sources.
Red Hot Jazz
Collective information on early jazz artists, recordings and repertoire.
Ragtime and Old-Time Music Sites/Archives
Individuals Not Mentioned Above Who Have
Contributed to Ragtime Research
Note that individual email addresses are not linked to here, but can be made available on request pending approval.
Nora Hulse
Specialty is Women in Ragtime
Nan Bostick (Dec)
Specialty was Charles N. Daniels and Women in Ragtime
Michael Meddings (Dec)
Specialty was Jelly Roll Morton and related artists
Reginald Pitts
Ragtime Geneaologist
Brent Watkins
Midwest Ragtime and Race in Ragtime
Butch Thompson
Jelly Roll Morton and Blues and Stride Piano
Max Morath
Research on some individual composers and pieces.
Bob Milne
Barrelhouse, Boogie and Origins of Ragtime.
Richard Zimmerman
Historical Elements of Ragtime.
Tracy Doyle
Biographical Information on Egbert Van Alstyne.
Frederick Hodges
Information on George L. Cobb and Post-Ragtime Composers.
Phil Stewart
Biographical Information on Charles L. Johnson
Todd Robbins
New York Ragtime Figures
Luigi Ranalli
A Variety of Research Facts and Observations
Marco Romano
A Variety of Research Facts and Observations
Adam Swanson
Research on Ragtime Performers
Andrew Barrett
Research on Ragtime Performers
Max Keenlyside
Research on Ragtime Performers
Ramona Baker
Research on Ragtime Performers